All Natural Lemon And Lime Flavors - Turning Into Small

My first experiences with shoegaze / dream pop music was back when I was a massive stoner. There was nothing better than getting high as a fucking kite and listening to some Loveless in the headphones. That shit gave me good dreams. Since then the grass usage has gone down, but the love for shoegaze remains. All Natural came about a little later down the road than the initial scene, but you wouldn't know it from their sound. I'm not sure why I haven't pulled this off my shelves for so long, but I'm glad I finally did.

+ You Can Never Tell
+ Puzzled Into Pieces
+ Lattershed

+ Paradigm Somehow

+ Jesse

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más te vale said...

completely agree,i was also a total stoner by the time, and this recorded sounded so unearthly when i got high... nice review