Barkmarket - Lardroom EP

These guys led the pack on that mid ninenties straight forward, noisy, no bullshit, hard rock sound, a sound that has seemed to die out over the past years. This is especially evident with the release of the new borefest of album by Helmet. Anyway, every Barkmarket album is a gem, none of them are to be ignored. Most would say L. Ron is their masterpiece and I would mosly have to agree, though the tracks I uploaded are some of my favorites from the group. Everyone who hears this playing in my house, always mentions that David Sardy's voice is very reminiscent of Trent Reznor's, something I noticed when I first heard them as well. Speaking of David Sardy, homeboy went on to produce some fresh shit by bands like Slayer, doesn't get much better than that. Wait, it does. After this EP the band switched labels from Rick Rubin's American Recordings over to Man's Ruin, which was owned by none of other than legendary poster artist Frank Kozik. These guys just had their shit straight. God damn.

+ Little White Dove

+ Jesse


I just stumbled upon your blog... said...

... and I want to thank you so much for the music... I'm sure gonna dig this one! :P

poop said...

do youhave any mp3's from the peacekeeper ep? my album was stolen and can't find the songs anywhere on line.