Dungen - Festival (single)

It's been a while since any new music has been uploaded to this blog but with summer right around the corner a whole slew of new tunes are coming our way. Surprisingly, quite a few of these tunes are actually good. One new album coming out within the next few months is the new Dungen album "Tio Bitar." So in lieu of the new release I figured I would post a track that is not on either of their prior full lengths. This track comes from the Festival single and is a perfect summer kick off jam, hell, all of their tracks are perfect for drinking beer, smoking grass, and sitting on a grassy knoll somewhere. That is if you are a hippie, which we aren't, we listen to this shit while we smash mailboxes and steal our neighbors cats. No joke. We get off on that frat boy shit.

Download this track, buy their previous albums, and follow this link to listen to "Tio Bitar" streaming in it's entirety.


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