The Life And Times - The Magician EP

The Life And Times must be one of the hardest working bands out there right now. They released Suburban Hymns last year (one of the best of '05,) toured the country and over seas, recorded a split EP with Nueva Volcano, and recorded this, The Magician EP, all over the course of 2006. You would think while spreading yourselves this thin that the music would start to suffer, quality-wise, but you would be sorrily mistaken. This EP is solid from the beginning of track one to the end of track five. The only gripe I could have with it is that there is only five songs. I'm already aching for a new full length. At the pace these guys are working that might not be in the too distant future. I feel bad about putting two tracks up from an EP that only has five tracks on it total, but I just couldn't decide which one to put up. If you like these tracks ORDER THE FUCKING EP. It's only 8 bones over at thelifeandtimes.com. Don't be a scuzzy prick.

+ Hush
+ Ave Maria

+ Jesse

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Luke S. said...

This band is amazing live. When they come to town - GO SEE THEM. They rock. They are humble. They make great music. The opening riffs to their songs are like a beacon for starships making their way back to earth.

Go see them then buy their discs at the show to save shipping. You won't be disappointed.